• Saudi Arabia Canada Oil rivalry

    The Saudi Arabia-Canada Oil Rivalry Heads to the Gutter

    When it comes to nasty campaigns, politicians are usually the main sources. In theory, such tactics shouldn’t work, especially if they’re outrageous in nature, yet many end up doing just that. Using that philosophy as a cornerstone, an advocacy group for Canada’s oil sands offered up a crude marketing attempt that sought to drastically contrast…

  • saudi from space

    The Largest Oil Reserves in the World

    The world consumes more than 85 million barrels of oil every day and this oil comes from more than 4000 oil fields. Most of these oil fields are small and they don’t even produce 20,000 barrels per day. The really big oil fields that produce more than 100,000 barrels of oil per day are less…

  • saudi-aramco

    Saudi Aramco Getting Ready for Their Closeup

    One indication of the changing fortunes in the oil world is the pending arrival of Saudi Aramco on the IPO market. While the Saudis only plan to offer five percent of the company to outside investors, that still offers the Kingdom the opportunity to bring in $100 billion, based on its estimated $2 trillion in…

  • saudi-marketing-nodern-vision

    Saudi Marketing Needs a Modern Vision to Keep Market Share

    Inany area of business, an insidious arrogance about a company’s approach toward maintaining market supremacy. That mentality usually trickles down to the marketing of whatever product is being sold. When it comes to oil, Saudi Arabia and its state-run oil company, Saudi Aramco, have been the world’s leader in supplying customers across the globe. Beginning…

  • syrian-conflict-rift-saudis-egypt

    Syrian Conflict Causes Rift Between Saudis and Egypt

    What had been a warming of relations between Saudi Arabia and Egypt has apparently frozen over after news of the Saudis suspending shipments of oil supplies to their Middle Eastern neighbor. Though no specific reason for the October 10 decision was publicly noted, diplomatic experts feel that the political machinations dealing with the ongoing civil…

  • saudi-arabia-iran

    Are Saudi Arabia and Iran Ready to Work Together?

    With no apparent end in sight to the stagnant oil market, Saudi Arabia has been forced to make what’s undoubtedly a distasteful gesture in an effort to boost oil prices. That action involves making the effort to cut its production of the commodity if its Middle East rival, Iran, also follows suit. This decision is…

  • Saudi Arabia Egypt

    The Tightening Bond Between Saudi Arabia and Egypt

    The new economic bond between Saudi Arabia and Egypt in which petroleum is a key aspect marks a sharp contrast to the previous rivalry between the two countries. Those conflicts over generations were most recently on display during the Arab Spring revolt in 2011 that toppled Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak. However, the two countries have…

  • Saudis Russians Oil Production Cut Extension

    Saudis and Russians Come Together on Oil Production Cut Extension

    The three-year slide of oil prices has delivered a major hit to the financial stature of Saudi Arabia, primarily because of their status as the world’s top oil producer. While that title has seemingly fluctuated in the past year with Russia, the economic punch that those two nations provide has the ability to provide an…

  • saudi arabia equtorial guinea economic forum

    Saudi Arabia and Equatorial Guinea Come Together

    During an economic forum in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and the West African nation of Equatorial Guinea came to an agreement on May 11 that brings the two countries together on a variety of business projects. One of those is an agreement that will help finance what will be the region’s largest terminal for oil storage….

  • saudi arabia owns largest american oil refinery

    Saudi Arabia Now Fully Owns Largest American Oil Refinery

    Though the impact of Saudi Arabia within the American oil market has been diminished over time, their ability to maintain a very clear presence once again came into focus on May 1. That was when Saudi Aramco, the Kingdom’s state-run oil company, finalized an agreement to take complete control of the largest oil refinery in…