• carbon

    Petroleum: Composition and Properties

    Petroleum is a mixture of several hydrocarbons and chemicals. The composition will vary depending on where the petroleum was found. In fact, you can find out where a certain sample of petroleum came from through chemical analysis. However, there are some characteristic properties that are common to all varieties of petroleum. Common hydrocarbons Four kinds…

  • saudis-opec

    Saudis Still Playing a Major Role in OPEC Matters

    A November 28 meeting between OPEC producers and those oil-based countries not in the organization was cancelled after Saudi Arabia indicated it wouldn’t be attending. The discussions in Vienna were meant to find common ground in forging strategies that will help limit the supply of oil in order to boost the commodity’s price. The reason…

  • Saudis issue indian workers

    Saudis Address Issue of Indian Workers Affected by Oil Downturn

    In order to address a developing problem that’s the direct result of the continued price woes of the oil market, Saudi Arabia is helping to fund the transportation costs so that anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 unemployed workers from India will be able to return to their homeland. While the workers encompass a wide range…

  • Saudi Arabia World leader Oil Fleets

    Saudi Arabia Poised to Become the World’s Leader in Oil Fleets

    Continuing its push to make sure that its oil continues to reach its intended destination, Saudi Arabia announced on July 17 an ambitious plan that’s intent on making sure that the Kingdom has the world’s largest oil fleet. Putting together an investment fund that will total $1.5 billion, the proposed project will result in the…

  • Saudis drop third oil reserves

    Saudis Drop to Third in Known Oil Reserves

    Thanks primarily to surges in the discovery of shale oil, the United States now sits atop the world’s list in the area of oil reserves, the first time ever it’s had attained that distinction. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia now is situated in third place and the previous leader, Russia drops down to second place. The information…

  • the fight for china

    The Fight for China Between Saudi Arabia and Russia

    The insatiable desire that China has when it comes to finding countries that will sell the country oil appears to have reached a point whereby Russia has replaced Saudi Arabia as its largest foreign supplier. The information comes from the International Energy Agency, which indicated that the shift came at the end of last year….

  • Oil Shale War

    Saudis Declare Victory in Oil-Shale War

    From all appearances, a ceasefire in the battle between Saudi Arabian oil production and the American shale oil industry has been declared. The country’s energy minister, Khalid Al-Falih, indicated that because the oil glut that effectively collapsed the market in mid-2014 has disappeared, it’s a clear sign that prices will be rising again back to…

  • Saudi Aramco to welcome oil investors

    Saudis Seem Poised to Welcome Oil Investors

    In the challenge to forge a new world in the oil business, Saudi Arabia finds itself seeking different avenues toward delivering revenue to the kingdom. However, they’re also fighting off other countries that are seeking to chip away a good portion of the lucrative market share that the Saudis have enjoyed for decades. One of…

  • Saudis Russians Oil Production Cut Extension

    Saudis and Russians Come Together on Oil Production Cut Extension

    The three-year slide of oil prices has delivered a major hit to the financial stature of Saudi Arabia, primarily because of their status as the world’s top oil producer. While that title has seemingly fluctuated in the past year with Russia, the economic punch that those two nations provide has the ability to provide an…

  • saudi arabia equtorial guinea economic forum

    Saudi Arabia and Equatorial Guinea Come Together

    During an economic forum in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and the West African nation of Equatorial Guinea came to an agreement on May 11 that brings the two countries together on a variety of business projects. One of those is an agreement that will help finance what will be the region’s largest terminal for oil storage….

  • saudi arabia owns largest american oil refinery

    Saudi Arabia Now Fully Owns Largest American Oil Refinery

    Though the impact of Saudi Arabia within the American oil market has been diminished over time, their ability to maintain a very clear presence once again came into focus on May 1. That was when Saudi Aramco, the Kingdom’s state-run oil company, finalized an agreement to take complete control of the largest oil refinery in…