PetroSaudi International

PetroSaudi International Ltd. was founded by Saudi businessmanTarek Obaid in 2005. It is one of the most important companies in the field of oil exploration and production companies within the Kingdom.

PetroSaudi‘s offices are in England, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia. They are involved in numerous energy projects. Over the years, PetroSaudi International has participated in many projects dealing with strategic energy supply in regions such as the Middle East or Latin America.

PetroSaudi deals natural gas, LPG, jet fuel, gasoline, chemical feedstock and other energy products. They also provide exploration geophysics and geology services, as well as oilfield construction and operation among other annex services. In 2013, PetroSaudi founded PetroSaudi Energy & Trading (PSENTRA), an affiliated trading and supply operation.

In 2015, PetroSaudi owned and operated the PetroSaudi Saturn, an exploration vessel.