Tarek Obaid

Tarek Obaid Petrosaudi

Tarek Obaid Petrosaudi

Tarek Obaid is the co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of PetroSaudi International. With a team of highly experienced leaders from the international oil and gas industry, alternative energy, mining, infrastructure, building materials and general industrial sectors, PSI has developed significant experience in exploration, development, and related oilfield operations. Responsible for the Group’s overall management, strategy and high-level political relationships, Tarek has been instrumental in securing important investment opportunities for the Group as well as attracting senior management to PetroSaudi.

Tarek Obaid is also a founder of the New College of the Humanities, London, and has invested in a variety of businesses including financial services, technology, education and real estate. In addition to the companies he founded, he sits on the boards of Global Environmental Management Services Saudi Arabia and Bellevue Education.

Tarek Obaid’s charitable involvements include a center for reconstructive transplant surgery at The Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit medical practice and medical research group based in Rochester Minnesota.


Petrosaudi ship Saturn

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